Every year, North Coast Klamath Falls’ customer Winema Electric holds their annual community Christmas event, at which Winema owner Bill Schmeck portrays Santa. This event attracts around 1200 visitors who participate in crafts and games, view the Nativity Scene, take their kids to sit on Santa’s lap, and hang out in a decorated event area while partaking of hot chocolate and food from a variety of vendors.

North Coast participated in the event this year by being an event sponsor with a tent space, while also volunteering to host the gingerbread house making tent. We created 600 gingerbread house kits as well as made and set up the decorations for the tent. We worked with children during the event to hand out kits and helped over 500 kids build their gingerbread houses. We even had gingerbread people decorations sporting NCE logos! We had a lot of fun helping the kids make their gingerbread houses.

North Coast volunteers included Todd, Donna, Brittany, and Christian Meyers along with Brian & Jan Siminoe. Donna Meyers had a great time portraying Rudolf!

KFalls Christmas Event Collage 12-2018


by Todd Meyers

North Coast Klamath Falls Service Center Manager