Background: Recently the North Coast Energy Solutions team took took on a project to update the Youth Center Gymnasium in East Bremerton. The facility was being restored to its original condition so the owner did not want a new, modern-looking LED fixture. The DEG lamp was the right solution for the project with its multiple lumen packages and ease of installation. Energy Solutions designed the project and submitted the utility paperwork on behalf of the end user who was unfamiliar with the process. North Coast made this a turn-key project for the end user.

The Situation: The existing fixtures were dull and yellowing in appearance with the prior 400w High Pressure Sodium bulbs.

NCE Solution: The DEG HI-Bay LED replacement lamps were purchased and installed by the owner's facilities representative.

Savings Snapshot:

  • Energy Savings: 74.92%
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings: 60,447 kWh / year
  • Utility Cost Savings: $5,919.17
  • Simple Payback: 3.4 Years
  • Utility Incentive: $18,143.10


Before and After:

deg-before-300x269   deg-after-1 

Written By: 

North Coast Electric's Energy Solutions Division

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