Alyeska Pipeline Service Company recently held the annual Atigun Awards, where they named North Coast the winners of the prestigious President's Award for Contractor of the Year. Alyeska operates the 800-mile-long TransAlaska Pipeline System, also known as TAPS.

TAPS is one of the world's largest pipeline systems, an engineering icon that was the biggest privately funded construction project when constructed in the 1970s. Beginning in Prudhoe Bay on Alaska's North Slope, TAPS stretches through rugged and beautiful terrain to Valdez, the northernmost ice-free port in North America.

Since pipeline startup in 1977, Alyeska Pipeline - TAPS' operator - has successfully transported more than 17 billion barrels of oil and loaded nearly 22,000 tankers at the Valdez Marine Terminal. At peak flow in 1988, 11 pump stations helped to move 2.1 million barrels of oil a day. Throughput in 2017 averaged 527,323 barrels a day, before dropping in 2018 to 509,315 barrels a day.

Today, about 800 people are employed by Alyeska, the transportation service company that operates on behalf of the four TAPS owner companies, and hundreds of contractors work along TAPS at any given time.

The following speech was given when Alyeska presented North Coast with the Contractor of the Year award.

"North Coast has proved to be a valuable partner, playing a key role in making TAPS operations successful. Alyeska and North Coast began working together in 2015. Since then, North Coast has provided excellent support to supply equipment, testing, installation and post installation of the products they provide.

They work closely with the automation team to keep TAPS up to date on hardware and software security vulnerabilities and fixes for Rockwell equipment, configuring software, notification of obsolete parts, and always helping coordinate root cause and fixes for hardware failures. The support North Coast provides ensures TAPS' remote gate valve system operates properly.

Thank you, North Coast, for your great work and partnership!"

North Coast's Alaska Associates were proud to accept this award for their hard work and dedication to delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

North Coast is represented here by:

  • Mike Viloria    

  • Joel Reeves  

  • Mark Willey 

  • Michael Ross

  • Todd Harris

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