Formed in 1999, FleetPride is the largest distributor of truck and trailer parts in the independent heavy-duty aftermarket channel. FleetPride operates over 262 locations in 45 states and carries over 400 nationally recognized brands, serving a diverse customer base across multiple industries, including freight and shipping, leasing services, agriculture, food and beverage, construction and waste management.

FleetPride’s space is comprised of a sales office, walk-in customer service counter, and a warehouse for storing, shipping and receiving materials. Additionally, the space contains a transmission shop, where the existing lighting was insufficient for the tasks the mechanics needed to accomplish. The existing lighting on the interior consisted of T12 lamps and a few HID fixtures in the warehouse.

The focus of this project was to create a better and safer work environment for the employees and customers in each space, along with modernizing the appearance of the lighting.   At the time, FleetPride was  refreshing the entire building with new paint and signage for a full visual overhaul.

North Coast partnered with Lithonia and RAB to offer state of the art lighting solutions that would address all of the property's lighting concerns. FleetPride’s offices and showroom were outfitted with new LED wraps & troffers, which provided better uniformity and light levels in areas where the staff was interacting with their customers. The high-bays and fluorescent strips in the warehouse were replaced with LED high-bays and strip fixtures, eliminating the need for maintenance in hard to reach areas. In the transmission shop, an area where mechanics had in the past been working in poor light conditions unsuited to their tasks, LED strip fixtures were installed to create proper illumination levels.

Finally, the exterior area lights were replaced with RAB FFLED fixtures that eliminated the need for ballast and lamp replacement. These fixtures also improved light levels around the perimeter of the facility for improved security and safety for the employees and customers.


Lithonia_Lighting_LED TrofferID-PIC-v1-ZL1N


While the central goal of the project was proper illumination of the facility,  positive impacts were achieved in several other areas. The first was drastically reduced maintenance costs through the use of LED lamps and fixtures that eliminated or bypassed the ballast. The second was an overall energy savings of nearly 60,000 kilowatt hours per year. These changes together contributed to an annual monetary savings of $6,224.

The overall lighting package not only saved energy and drastically reduced maintenance cost, but also greatly improved the aesthetics of the building - helping FleetPride’s facility match the quality of their products and service.

59,050 kWh/year
energy savings achieved


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