Pioneer Builders Supply Co., Inc. was started in Tacoma, Washington in 1960. Focusing on quality products and unmatched customer service, Pioneer has grown into the area's premier building products distributor. They have five warehouses in the Puget Sound area and a recently opened location serving the Spokane metropolitan area.

Pioneer reached out to North Coast about re-lighting their Tacoma warehouse after working together on an energy project in Bremerton. Pioneer’s Tacoma warehouse lighting had become a safety issue. Fifty percent of the outdated HID fixtures weren’t functioning, and employees struggled to pull material because of the low visibility. Despite 50% of the fixtures not working, the system was drawing an incredible amount of energy.

The solution to these challenges was to replace the HID fixtures with 24 RAB LED Haybay® fixtures. North Coast partnered with local contractor Peninsula Electric to install the new fixtures.

This project achieved the customer’s goal of improving safety by doubling light levels inside the warehouse, with the added benefit of cutting overall energy use by 67%. With a total project cost of $12,523 and a utility incentive from Tacoma Public Utilities of nearly 50%, the customer’s net project cost was $6,763. With annual energy savings of $2,374, this project has a simple payback period of under 3 years and a lifetime savings of over $63,000.

23,689 kWh Saved

18.5 tons CO2e Saved


Contact Bob Nietfield, the Energy Specialist on the project.