Chemeketa Community College faced a significant problem in illuminating their gymnasium. The existing lighting system did not deliver the light required for their collegiate volleyball and basketball teams.

 Sports lighting requires very specific light levels not only for player safety, but spectator viewing. Chemeketa Community College knew where they needed to be, but wasn’t sure how to get there. The existing 1,000W Metal Halide lighting system delivered poor lighting and dark spots across the gym floor. 

The top priority was to raise the foot candles from <40fc at the floor to the recommended 75fc for optimal television broadcasting. Secondary priorities were to reduce energy consumption and eliminate costly, ongoing maintenance.

North Coast Energy Solutions partnered with Holophane lighting to utilize their specialty in producing top quality products. Each legacy HID fixture consumed 1,078W per fixture while the installed Holophane LED high bay required only 471W. Additionally, the new lighting was powerful enough to reduce the total number of fixtures while achieving desired light levels.

The result of this energy efficiency project was a reduction of 138,700 kWh per year, providing a 65% reduction in energy consumption and $8,100 in annual utility cost savings. The utility rebate offered by Energy Trust of Oregon was $30,000, which brought the net project cost down to $29,800 with a simple payback of 3.7 years.

Lighting levels of 75fc were maintained across the gym floor with a 2:1 uniformity ratio, ensuring the players and spectators had the right level of evenly distributed light.

Energy Impact

Projects like this one have many impacts, including benefits to the environment and to local utilities.   As more large-scale facilities undertake energy reduction projects, strain on utilities' distribution systems is reduced as well.

138,700 kWh   Energy Savings

60 tonnes   CO2 Reduction