Department of Corrections, Washington State Headquarters Field Office: The Edna Lucille Goodrich Building. The facility is maintained by Wright Runstad & Company, which manages over 4.5 million square feet of developed and/or managed space that has achieved LEED certification or is currently pending certification. The benefits of efficiency upgrades are no secret. Wright Runstad knew that upgrading the lighting would be a quick and easy way to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

The building was built in 2006 with the current lighting system consisting of primarily T8 fluorescents. The existing fixtures were in good working order and a full upgrade to LED was not financially viable at the time. North Coast Electric was asked to form a solution to meet a tight budget while increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance cost.

With a budget and payback criteria in mind, the solution was simple, Sylvania’s Low Wattage 25 watt T8 lamps and Program Start low ballast factor ballasts were the right choice.

This solution met the budget and ROI criteria but gave the entire facility a new low wattage T8 operating system with a 7 year warranty while maintaining and/or exceeding existing light levels.

  This efficiency upgrade resulted in an annual energy savings of 210,000 kWh, and $16,000 in utility cost savings per year. The utility rebate offered by Puget Sound Energy was $41,200 which gave a simple payback over 5.1 years. The savings generated will be allocated towards the eventual upgrade to a full LED system.

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