Skyline at First Hill is a retirement community located in the heart of Seattle, boasting condo-style living with 360-degree views of the downtown and Elliott Bay. As the city’s only Life Care retirement community, Skyline brings together independent living, an urban lifestyle, maintenance-free convenience and  peace of mind.  Life Care provides for assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation.

Skyline's goals for this project were to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs throughout the common areas of their facility, as well as improve the overall appearance of the building. At the outset of the project, the lighting in the corridors, dining areas, tenant meeting places, and medical rooms consisted of CFL’s, halogens, and T8 lamps - all of which were drawing a great deal of energy.  The exterior had a combination of HID and CFL area lighting fixtures that would have been challenging and costly to replace.

Addressing safety concerns for their residents was another top priority.  One of these safety concerns was the south tower of the facility, which is dedicated to rehab and assisted living. Due to the age and type of the existing fixtures, light levels in these areas needed to be closely monitored and carefully maintained to ensure patient safety.

North Coast  partnered with RAB, Sylvania, and Green Creative for state of the art  LED solutions throughout the facilty.  LED lamping and new fixtures helped eliminate all of the energy and safety  issues while also addressing the aesthetics of the building.

The common corridors were outfitted with new Swish 2x2 LED troffers. These provided a 100,000 hr rated fixture while reducing the energy consumption dramatically in areas where lights were on 24 hours per day. CFL lamps in wall sconces, downlights, and decorative fixtures were all replaced with a ballast bypass LED lamp. This lamp increased the life expectancy of the fixtures and removed the ballasts, eliminating arguably the most maintenance-heavy component of each fixture. The exterior area lights were retrofitted with a Green Creative LED lamp that would again remove the ballast and increase light levels around the perimeter of the facility to improve safety for the residents. Sylvania LED wall packs were placed on the balconies in place of metal halide wall packs, giving a more modern look and drastically reducing energy expenditure.

As a result of this lighting upgrade, Skyline was able to achieve a more than 60% reduction in energy costs and a huge reduction in maintenance costs. When this savings in maintenance costs is added to the 1.1 year simple payback, this project was profitable nearly on day 1.


IMG_0135 IMG_0151-medium


791,220 kWh Saved Per Year

Annual CO2e Reduction Achieved: 475 tons


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