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The Energy Solutions Division was approached by CAPP Property Investments to develop a lighting retrofit project in the space leased by another electrical distributor in Bremerton, Washington.


The existing lighting system was the original system installed when the building was constructed. The existing system was out of date, inefficient, and costly to maintain. The goal of the project was to design and install a new lighting system that  used less energy, provided better lighting quality,  cost less to maintain, and provided enhanced safety by meeting current code standards.

The existing lighting system consisted of out-of-date linear fluorescent fixtures, and Wall Packs with compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). The fixtures were beyond their economic life, and the system was not providing adequate light levels in order to meet code requirements for warehouse lighting. This created a safety hazard and reduced worker productivity, as well as added unnecessary operating costs for the facility. A previous retrofit was attempted for the warehouse lighting, by another lighting company. The product selected was inferior and made the safety issues worse. This created an increased need to prioritize the project. CAPP Property Investments was confident in ESDs ability to develop a project capable of achieving the desired outcome of the project due to a long-standing relationship and history of successful projects.

ESD specified ILP strip fixtures for the warehouse. The new fixtures increased light levels and improved distribution uniformity creating a safer and more productive warehouse work environment. The 2X2 troffers in the office spaces were retrofit with ILP LED retrofit kits. These kits utilize the existing fixtures, take a fraction of the time to install compared to a new fixture, and provide the same updated modern look of a new fixture. The retrofit kits also provide much better lighting quality through improved color rendering, brightness, and even distribution.

Canned lighting was retrofit with Sylvania LED down lights. These kits are easy to install, resulting in reduces labor costs, and provide the same aesthetic and lighting performance benefits as a new LED canned fixture.

RAB LED wall packs were selected for the exterior building lighting due to their high quality and affordable price point. The new Wall Packs also update the exterior lighting to a more modern Dynamic Electric was selected as the contractor for the installation.

This efficiency upgrade resulted in an annual energy savings of 7,600 kWh, and $730 in utility cost savings per year. The utility rebate offered by Puget Sound Energy was $1,180 which gave a simple payback over 8.1 years.

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