The Pepper Bridge Winery installation is a 100kW photovoltaic solar array in Walla Walla Washington. The installation off-sets 100kWh of dc power production, resulting in a more efficient winery operation as well as helping the environment.

 Partner and winemaker Jean-François Pellet spearheaded the solar project. He studied the environmental impact and reviewed the feasibility of the technology to ensure it was the right investment for the family-owned business. 

North Coast designed the system and sourced the components and Walla Walla Electric installed it. The 100-kilowatt installation, which is ground-mounted adjacent to the winery, provides around 70% of the winery’s energy needs, reaching its peak sun hours during the harvest season when energy consumption is at its highest. The winery expects the system to pay for itself over 10 years and cut annual electricity charges by up to 80 percent. The system life of the array should exceed 25 years with minimal maintenance, and can easily be added to if energy consumption increases. At the time of installation, it was the largest photovoltaic solar array in Walla Walla County.

The system is comprised of the following components:

  • (372) 270W Max Power Modules
  • One Single Commercial String Inverter with disconnects and system monitoring
  • Sunmodo Ground Mount Racking and Attachment system 




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