North Coast  helped Cherry City Electric  save money and decrease labor on the construction of the Knight Cancer Research Building.

The Knight building is currently under construction on Portland’s South Waterfront and is on track to receive LEED Platinum status as well as exceed the   2030 Energy Challenge.

The project began when North Coast   secured a $500,000 futures order from Cherry City Electric locking in pricing on THHN cable from Southwire for the Knight Cancer Research Building.   

  Cherry City Electric's goal on this project was to save on more than material – they wanted  to achieve a significant reduction in labor and associated costs. By utilizing North Coast's value-added services,  Cherry City was able to accomplish  those goals.

 Stack and Parallel 2Of the wire services that North Coast  provided, the biggest impact came from  the combination of stacking and paralleling. Explained in the graphic to the left, these services cut field setup and reel  management to a minimum.  Since those tasks usually take several people per pull, and this project had over 100 pulls, the reduction in manpower was significant.

During the project's planning phase, North Coast recommended that all wire and cable be stacked and paralleled onto   SIMpull™ reels. Unlike traditional wooden reels, these reels could be moved and managed by 1 person instead of 2 or more. This equipment switch facilitated the redistribution of  labor previously assigned to reel management. 

For the most measurable savings, North Coast attached   SIMpull™ pulling heads    to each wire cut. This eliminated the need for creating pulling loops on the jobsite. With each loop normally taking 15 minutes and over 100 runs, pull head installation alone   saved a minimum of 25 hours.

North Coast  was able to deliver project materials on North Coast trucks. This enabled Cherry City to avoid longer delivery times from the factory and freight minimum concerns. It also lowered the overall number of deliveries and hours of material handlers’ labor. With each delivery taking an average of 30 minutes, reducing the number of deliveries was an effective way to conserve time.

 Cherry City Electric achieved  a significant savings on labor and material for this project through the strategic use of North Coast's value-added services: stacking, parallelling, SIMpull™ reel rental,  the attachment of   SIMpull™ pulling heads, and the use of North Coast delivery trucks.


 SIMpull™ Reels lined up and ready to go at one of NCE's wire rooms.

 SIMpull™ Reels enable an individual to safely and easily move up to 6,000 lbs of wire, thanks to independently rotating outer flanges and a separately rotating inner reel. These reels  can be rotated in place or their inner reel can  spin freely while the outer reel is stationary. They are 36 inches wide and can fit through most doorways.

The two images at the top of this post were sourced from  OHSU/Kristyna Wentz-Graffh